Take our picture, please?


Ever been on the receiving end of this transaction? You’ve met other family members or friends in a favorite breakfast place. It’s someone’s birthday. You say, “Hey, maybe the server will take our photo?” She’s only too happy to oblige. And a memory is made.

This scene is repeated over and over again by people everywhere, every day. Then, what?

After years of this and many other family photo opps, you have dozens, and hundreds, and thousands of digital images—maybe loosely organized or not organized at all—that you can’t always access because you’ve forgotten about them or you never created an album, or you changed computers, or you can’t put your hands on that thumb drive where you keep all your pix. Then, for the images you can get to, you need to edit them becuase they’re too dark or light, or you’d like to try out that photo effect your friend showed you, or whatever. And come the gift-giving season, wouldn’t it be great to give Aunt Marge a coffee mug with that great family shot from her birthday bash this year.

There’s so much that might be done with these images you’ve asked your servers to take and all the other pix from holidays, vacations, and birthdays. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one tool, one website, one app, you could use to safely store, edit, and output all your images—forever?

One-Stop Memory Keeping. Our memories, especially of good times with family and friends, are forever treasures. Over time, we accumulate photos and videos and one day we are overwhelmed at the idea of getting them in some kind of order. We want to “do an album” for a special occasion like a wedding or milestone birthday. But where to begin? There’s a great solution in the Forever.com personal media management toolkit and service, all online and ready anytime to help us create memory-keeping albums, prints, artwork, and other expressions of those forever memories. Find out more about the Forever.com system, convenient and cost-effective and ready to handle all your personal media … forever!

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